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PostSubject: Manboobs   Manboobs Icon_minitimeThu Oct 11, 2007 12:18 pm

Hi all Im Luftig
lets get down to business
Im 75 WHM SAM and MNK, Ive got a decent amount of merits. I think my gear is decent.
Im just interested in doing a little end game, Recently came back from a break from the game so I wanna update my gear a bit and fight some new HNMs maybe do some salvage and other ToAU end game stuff.
Some of my favorite things to do in FF are merit and limbus :p always lookin forward to doing limbus.
I can come to events as WHM or SAM or MNK, whichever need be.
Id like to put WHM as my main for the time being but I will probly one day want to switch to my other jobs.
My playtime varys with school and stuff, cant gaurentee that ill be at all events but ill try my best.
Luftig Smile
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