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PostSubject: chaoticdeath/ chaoticlife   chaoticdeath/ chaoticlife Icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2007 7:43 pm

I transferred from unicorn to meet new people and to get away from the cocky bastards on unicorn. My main character is chaotic death a 75whm 75mnk with all subjobs leveled for any use. I have ALOT of sky experience, I co-lead a sky ls for about a year and it was fun. I have some experience in limbus but not in sea. But I donít have any experience in hnm and would like to enjoy that aspect of the game.

My 2nd char is Chaoticlife lvl 75thf 74rng. This account was given to me by a friend who as deployed to Iraq. I know how to play Thief very well but on Ranger is is VERY hit and miss. But I do have sky access sea access and have 4/5 god set (cept osode)

unfortunately my mnk isnít geared anymore b/c when I tried to quit the game about a year ago I though "lets drop my gear it will make it easier to quit the game for good" WRONG well Iím back lol.

My wish list for chaoticdeath:
Nobles Tunic
Healing staff
Zenith pants
Zenith crown
Genbu shield.

Shura head
Byakko haidates
Kirinís osode
Shura togi
Kirinís pole
Suzaku Sune-ate
Genbu Kabuto
Seriyu kotes
Blackbelt items

Chaoticlife Iím not really worried about atm.

My main job would be mnk.
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chaoticdeath/ chaoticlife
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