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 Tugboatcomplex app.

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PostSubject: Tugboatcomplex app.   Tugboatcomplex app. Icon_minitimeMon Dec 03, 2007 3:33 am

hello, my name is tubgoatcomplex, i came from odin server a few months ago. i have 75 thief, 75 ninja, 62 redmage, 37 war ,37 blm, 37 whm. im just lookin for a solid LS that can help me progress id like to finish C.O.P and aht-urhgan missions, maybe divine might, i need sea access too XP. also im in central time zone.
sky wish list: dynamis wish list:

1. byakkos haidate 1. any of assain set
2. hecatomb leggings (feet) 2. any of koga set
3.hecatomb mitts
4. bartholemews knife
others r/ex:
1.voyager sallet 6. ulthalums ring 2.swift belt 7. jeager ring
3.sirroco kukri 8. dissector
4.hoham helmet 9. eventually af+1 for nin
5.hoham body 10. get higher rank in assaults(psc still XD)
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Tugboatcomplex app.
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