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 Berzerk LS BP system information

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PostSubject: Berzerk LS BP system information   Berzerk LS BP system information Icon_minitimeFri Aug 31, 2007 2:33 am

Our LS 's point system call "BP" . every members can get BP from hunting NM with LS or jioning the events .

Also you have to use the BP for Item .

LS will count those points, and post everyone's point list .

everyone can check up the points as follows:


King Vinegarroon 80
Alastor Antlion 50
Citipati 10
Tiamat 450
Simurgh 40
Xolotl 20
King Behemoth 450
Behemoth 200
Voluptuous Vivian 80
Kreutzet 10
Tzee Xicu the Manifest 20
Hakutaku 20
Fafnir 300
Nidhogg 450
Capricious Cassie 20
Serket 20
Amikiri 20
Bune 50
Vrtra 500
Cemetery Cherry 20
Pelican 10
Kurrea 100
Overlord Bakgodek 100
Sabotender Bailarina 10
Za'Dha Adamantking 20
Carmine Dobsonfly 10
Boroka 50
Unstable Cluster 10
Sabotender Bailarina 20
Shikigami Weapon 50
Byakko 80
Despot 60
Genbu 60
Seiryu 80
Suzaku 80
Faust 20
Kirin 300
Mother Globe 20
Olla Grande 20
Ullikummi 20
Jormungand 500
Adamantoise 100
Aspidochelone 450
Brigandish Blade 20
Stream Cleaner 20
Zipacna 20
Absolute Virtue 1000
Jailer of hope 80
Jailer of justice 80
Jailer of love 300
Jailer of Prudence 80
Jailer of Faith 80
Jailer of Temperance 80
Jailer of Fortitude 80
Cerberus 450
Khimaira 450
Hydra 450
Bahamut BC2.0 500
Ouryu BC2.0 400
water farming 10
Ullikummi farming 10

Every event like sky and sea farming, gods killing. we will post up a gather time if you show up before that time LS will give you 20 addition points


Ace's helm 500
Venomus Claw bank
Rostrum Pumps 0
Harpe bank
Trotter Boots 100
Adaman Ingot bank
beetle blood bank
Behemoth Hide bank
Damascene cloth bank
Damascus Ingot bank
Divine log bank
Dragon Blood bank
Dragon heart bank
Dragon Talon bank
Herald's Gaiters 1000
Noritsune Kote 800
Oxblood bank
Siren's Hair bank
Wyrm Horn bank
Bandomusha Kote 200
Perseus's harpe 200
zoolater hat 5
Aquarian Abjuration: feet 100
behemoth horn bank
behemoth Tongue 20
defending ring 200
Earthen Abjuration:Legs 100
Martial Abjuration:Legs 100
Pixie Earring 200
Shining cloth bank
Wyrmal Abjuration:Head 100
Vivian ring 200
Astral Signa bank
Daylight Dagger 100
Optical Hat 0
Aegishjalmr 100
Andvaranauts 100
Aquarian Abjuration:Hands 50
Balmung bank
Earthen Abjuration:Hands 100
Hrotti 100
Neptunal Abjuration:Head 50
Ridill 1000
Wyrm beard 20
Aquarian Abjuration:Body 200
Earthen Abjuration:body 200
Martial Abjuration:Body 200
Neptunal Abjuration:Legs 200
Nidhogg's Scales bank
Cassie earring bank
Serket ring 100
Kamewari 20
Enhancing sword Bank
Dune Boots 50
Cashmere Thread bank
Cashmere Wool bank
Reviler's Helm 10
Astral Aspis 100
Galliard Trousers 0
Highlander's Targe 10
Juggernaut bank
Nightmare sword 100
Dune boots 100
Voyager sallet 50
Jaeger ring 5
bobson bandanna 0
Horomusha Kote bank
Soboro Sukehiro 10
YinYan Robe 100
Aquarian Abjuration:Head 50
Byakko's Axe 5
Byakko's Haidate 300
Dryadic Abjuration:Legs 100
Earthen Abjuration:Feet 100
Neptunal Abjuration:Hands 100
Martial Abjuration:Hands 50
Wyrmal Abjuration:Feet 50
Genbu's Kabuto 50
Genbu's Shield 50
Aquarian Abjuration:legs 100
Dryadic Abjuration:Head 100
Martial Abjuration:Head 100
Seiryu's Kote 100
Seiryu's Sword 10
Wyrmal Abjuration:Hands 100
Dryadic Abjuration:Hands 100
Earthen Abjuration:Head 100
Neptunal Abjuration:Feet 100
Suzaku's Scythe 10
Suzaku's Sune-ate 50
Mercurial Pole 200
Adamantoise Egg 10
Adaman ore bank
Adamantoise shell bank
Dryadic abjuration:Feet 100
Heavy Cuirass bank
Martial Abjuration:Feet 100
Neptunal Abjuration: body 100
Wyrmal Abjuration:body 100
item from Absolute Virtue all 1000 point each
Fortitude Axe 300
Fortitude Torque 300
Hope staff 300
Hope torque 300
Justice sword 300
Justice Torque 300
Temaperance Axe 300
Temperance Torque 300
Faith Torque 300
Faith Baghnakhs 300
Prudence Rod 300
Prudence Torque 300
Love Halberd 300
Love Torque 300
Aura of Voracity 1000
Aura of Adulation 1000
Algol 500
Cerberus claw bank
Cerberus Hide bank
Cerberus meat bank
Hauteclaire 1000
Khimaira Horn bank
Khimaira Mane bank
Khimaira Tail bank
Seveneyes 500
berserker's Torque 100
Hydra Fang bank
Hydra Meat bank
Hydra Scale bank
Orobon lure bank
Sirius axe bank
molybdenum ore bank
kunwu ore bank
dragon staff 500
bahamut's hose 500
bahamut's mask 1000
bahamut's staff 1000
bahamut's Zaghnal 500
Imanotsurugi bank
Tutelary bank
Monarch's orb bank
Dryadic Abjuration:Body 100
Kirin's Osode 800
Kirin's pole 100
Neptunal Abjuration:Body 100
Wyrmal Abjuration:legs 100

We want to be nice to everyone snice everyone are old friends, and we want to make everythings fair so we will follow the point system to run our LS.

Every member have to set 1 main job that will help you lot on the item you want. you will have chance to get the item under your job useing easier then other jobs lot on it. exemple. kenp's main job is WAR, Xano's main job is RDM, now LS going to fight Kirin, Kenp want Osode, but Xano also got NIN 75 so he want Osode too then LS will let Kenp have it 1st. another Exemaple: if today we going to fight Kirin, all main job member alrdy have Osode or nobody want use point on it, another main job member can lot on Osode BUT you have to be got another jobs able to use this item at this point becoz you set main job as RDM so you have to pay 1500. .

You also can change your main job, just need pay 1000 BPs , but you can't set a main job not 75 yet.

happy hunting every!
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Berzerk LS BP system information
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